Who is wow toronto!

Watching Over Women “WOW” Toronto is an empowerment centre for women of diverse races, cultures, ages, socio-economic situations, and sexual orientations who have survived rape, sexual violence, sexual harassment, or any form of gender-based violence.

Monique Burke, Founder and CEO, is a rape survivor. From her own experience, she knows that survivors of sexual assault have the power to heal themselves and the ability to support and empower other women on their journey. She is passionate about helping women survivors find their inner power to live enriched and thriving lives!

WOW Toronto collaborates with support organization and affinity businesses to provide a holistic service. You are invited to become a member to participate in a wide range of programs, activities, and events. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all activities will be online.

We recently hosted a live discussion about women in business and in 2021 we will be attending the National Women’s Show in Toronto.

To learn more about WOW Toronto and membership, please contact us.


We envision a world where every woman who has survived rape or sexual assault will be respected, valued, and empowered to thrive and be whole as they live their best life.


Our mission is to create a sanctuary for women who have survived sexual assault or rape by providing holistic programs and resources, in collaboration or by connecting with other services or agencies, to support them as they overcome their experiences, rediscover themselves and find courage, resilience, and acceptance.


Monique Burke – Founder & CEO
Daniela Dorantes – Secretary
Sherrita Mallet – Treasurer

Did you know?

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  • Of every 100 incidents of sexual assault, only six are reported to the police
  • Just 1-2% of “date rape” sexual assaults are reported to the police
  • 1 in 4 North American women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime
  • 11% of women live with physical injury as a result of sexual assault
  • 60% of sexual abuse/assault victims are under the age of 17
  • Over 80% of sex crime victims are women
  • 80% of sexual assault incidents occur in the home
  • 83% of disabled women will be sexual assaulted during their lifetime
  • 57% of aboriginal women have been sexually abused
  • 1/5th of all sexual assaults involves a weapon of some sort
  • 80% of assailants are friends or family of the victim

Stats taken from sexassault.ca

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