Nuvou Aesthetics and Wellness (Official Partner)

NuVou means: a Nu (new) V for version O for of and U for (you) then the “X” symbolizes the term “by” and YSK is the initials of the Nurse Practioner and Medical Director.

It means whatever your new version entails whether it be Through physical, mental or emotional support we will help provide you with the best version of you possible.

CDI College

One of the career training institutions in Canada 50+ years! We're passionate about our role in education and look forward to learning together

Safe Transitions

Joanna MacDonald established Safe Transitions in 2020 out of the urgent need for relief from over-run shelters. This not-for-profit exists to help women and children move out of shelters and into their own home. Survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking are among the most vulnerable people in our communities, and often do not get the attention they deserve.

Shelters are inundated with an increased requirement for safe housing. Statistics show that on any given night, 300 women and children are turned away from the shelter system because there are no beds. Safe Transitions acts as an intermediary organization connecting shelters with landlords who will provide safe homes for individuals ready to begin their transition from a shelter to a new beginning.


More and more, people are turning to meditation classes, coaches and creative mindfulness seminars to exercise and strengthen their cognitive functions. For people who are looking for resources to overcome adversity or grow themselves, it shouldn’t be difficult to achieve self-improvement and a more balanced life. At FitIn, we’d be proud to facilitate a forum where people can turn in order to find fitness for their body AND their mind. There are a lot of Not For Profits that provide valuable and needed resources to our communities, and we know first-hand how important you are in helping people succeed.

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Cupid's Sting

Cupid’s Sting is a non-profit interpersonal violence reduction program whose mission it is to teach women tools to prevent victimization. Cupid’s Sting teaches skills that women may employ in potential altercations or attacks inside or outside the home. At Cupid's Sting we work to combat violence against women by spreading awareness and facilitating safety training. We are changing the narrative on domestic violence so that women do not suffer in silence.


Les Woo (Blog Feature)


We tell real stories that engage in empathy. We sell products we believe in so we can make change.

A portion of our proceeds go to Non-Profits. The rest is used to improve lives. We invest in female-identified movements. We invest in creating content that represents the under represented. We believe in women’s voices. WOO girls are women who support each other. Women who listen without judgment and show up for those they love. They are strong, but sometimes cry. They are care givers but sometimes need to be cared for. They are beautiful inside and out no matter what size they are.


Who Moved my Birkin (Podcast Interview)

A business Podcast for women of color who are navigating change in business and their personal life. This Podcast puts the spotlight on the untold stories of black and brown business women and showcases their accomplishments and their #blackgirlmagic


Float On (Podcast Interview)

Your host, Dalia Jean, shines light on approachable ways to see the river ride that is life through the lens of a learner, become more reflective, and enrich your own life with hindsight and perspective, making you an intellectual powerhouse that’s ready to take on the world. Infused with down-to-earth monologues, inspiring guest interviews, and a dash of humor, this podcast will leave you with a full heart, a centered soul, and a fresh view on life overall.


Sheridan College

Founded in 1967, Sheridan has grown from a local college of 400 students to one of Ontario's leading postsecondary institutions, educating approximately 27,060 full-time and 4,020 part-time students every year on three campuses in three Ontario cities — Oakville, Brampton and Mississauga. An award-winning institution, Sheridan attracts students from across Canada and around the world. Sheridan's 215,000+ alumni play a critical role in shaping the future of our society in the fields of arts, business, community service, health, technology, and the skilled trades.